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Welcome to ABIGAIL MANOR Personal Care Home

Safety, comfort, and good health are compromised when those with developmental disabilities spend a majority of their time alone at home. A way to relieve them from the daily challenges that arise because of their condition is to entrust their well-being to a care facility like Abigail Manor Personal Care Home. As a care home in Stone Mountain, Georgia, we help improve the lives of our residents—those who are elderly and developmentally challenged.

We welcome each new resident with hope that they can live better lives during the entire duration of their time with us.

We believe that excellent care is always individualized and requires the integration of The Best Available Supportive Community Resources.

We want to do our part in helping the members of our community. You can help us by spreading the word about our home.

Live, Relax, and Enjoy ADMISSION

Admission to Abigail Manor is open to all individuals who:

  • Are 18 years of age and older
  • Are Ambulatory
  • Are not in isolation or confinement for behavioral control
  • Are not in continuous medical or nursing care and treatment
  • Do not require the use of physical or chemical restraint